Being static in a competitive market is a big NO! Staying relevant in the market can be done by adapting to the current trend. Hence, we are always staying ahead to make sure you do too.

Application Services

  1. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions

    The hosting of desktop environments on a central server is referred to as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). The specific desktop images run inside virtual machines (VMs) and are distributed to end clients over a network, making it a form of desktop virtualization. PCs or other computers, such as tablets or thin client terminals, may be used as endpoints. In this era of modernisation, organizations are leaning towards this solution as it provides user mobility, accessibility, flexibility, and security.

  2. Customised Web Applications

    Our service encompasses development of small to medium sized corporate websites, customised portals, and e-commerce/online shopping sites, be it web-based, stand-alone or client-server.

  3. Mobile App & Internet of Things (IoT)

    IoT can improve employee efficiency, deliver better customer experience, and unprecedented visibility of your supply chain, assets and operations. Our team of experts are committed in researching and building localised IoT products to seamlessly extend your enterprise applications and processes with IoT data.

  4. Web Design & Development

    We specialise in web development and web programming. This specialty encompasses development of small to medium sized corporate sites on the web, customised portals, and e-commerce/online shopping/membership sites. Our web development services are inclusive of an aesthetically pleasing and professional layout, design of icons and suitable graphics to be placed on the website, and animation if needed.

    Our web designs can be customised to fully match the look and feel of your corporate image. For web development and graphics design, we have experts in Content Management System, Animation or PhotoShop.

  5. Strategic MIS Planning & Consultancy

    Our team of skilled personnel assist to identify and determine the best-practice procedures and operations required by your organization. This subsequently will enhance your decision-making processes, improve results, and minimize output costs. Our services include;

    • Assess overall IT infrastructure health
    • Assess overall IT requirements and growth
    • Assess third-party vendors and proposed solutions
    • Assist management to create IT policies (e.g. administration and management, procurement, implementation, disaster recovery, training, etc.)
    • Recommend modifications in existing policies and procedures
    • Provide specific solutions to rectify arising IT issues
    • Provide knowledge-base for all IT-related matters
  6. Application Programming Interface (API) Development

    This interface is a collection of instructions, specifications, or criteria that allows a programme or app to use the features/services of another app, platform, or device in order to provide better service. Its function is to let applications to communicate with each other as it empowers an application or platform to share its data with other apps/platforms and ease the user experience without involving the developers. Hence, the interface eases and improves the integration while assist in automating tasks for better services and innovation creation.