In managing the risks of your connectivity, we are here to protect your services and ensure business continuity through our expert advisory.

Managed Security Services

  1. Next – Gen Perimeter Defense Management

    This service helps you to manage your firewalls that prevent any forms of unauthorized access into your private network and hence, enhancing the performance and security level of your network architecture.

  2. Virtual Private Network Management

    This service provides you a private data network that makes use of the existing public telecommunication infrastructure and to enhance the level of security for sharing any of the public resources for data with your business partners.

  3. Intrusion Detection and Protective Responsive Services

    This service is another type of security management. It helps to gather and analyse all information that flows through your network and to identify possible security breaches that include both intrusions (attacks from outside the organisation) and misuse (attacks from within the organisation).

  4. Security Policy and Management

    This service is provided to assist you in designing and addressing a broad range of systems and network security policy issues including, IT Strategic Planning, Firewall-VPN-IDS, Enterprise Anti-Virus assessment, design & policy implementation and Data Migration strategy.

  5. Enterprise Anti–Malware Management

    This Anti Virus Service deploys the latest Anti-Virus software tools to help you in scanning and diverting all relevant internet traffic for viruses and other malicious codes. With this service, the security level and the traffic flows within your enterprise network infrastructure can be enhanced even further.

  6. Computer Forensic Services

    This service is designed to trace, capture, collect and analyse data. The information is used as evidence for any forms of network security breaches, unauthorized intrusion, security policy violation and internet attack in your corporate network.